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Get to Know Andrea

You probably came here because you are tired, overworked, and overwhelmed. Did I get that right? I hear you! I have been there!

And, what I learned in being stuck in that head-space is we can all use a little help at times. I have been fortunate to see the benefits of showing up authentically online and I am so excited to teach this to others.

With my experience as a leader in management for over 10 years, I have had the opportunity to grow and teach others how to become alined with one another, starting from within themselves. 

As an approved continuing education (CE) instructor teaching courses for over 8 years, I have had the chance to develop courses that others can learn from - including bringing new team members to teach.


I am SO glad you landed here.

It means you're ready to achieve!

I believe that everyone has the right and opportunity to achieve what they want. Sometimes they just need support and encouragement to make it happen. I am the group practice owner of Therapy Connection, an online practice that operates in multiple U.S. states that supports clients of various backgrounds and provides clinicians the opportunity to work from a flexible schedule. As my practice grew, my love for helping other practice owners and female entrepreneurs also grew.

Why? I was a burnt out, stressed femal entrepreneur at a point in my life while working multiple jobs. Yet, there was always a passion in me to be able to achieve. My online practice was established in late-summer 2019 and as it grew, I knew I had the opportunity to empower others to grow as well!

Empowering you to achieve

My love and background in social media helped me empower therapists to learn how to use social media to grow their practice. As more people became interested, I knew it was time to form a community for therapists and coaches where they could feel supported in asking questions around social media.

As my membership grew, I realized there were more ways that others could continue to achieve - and I was eager to provide those spaces. Achieve With Andrea continues to grow, offering wellness workshops for female entrepreneurs; continuing education for therapists; and retreats, monthly dinners, corporate wellness workshops, and so much more!

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Daily Note
Professional Bio

Andrea Brognano, Licensed Clinician

Andrea Brognano is a licensed clinician in NY and NJ since 2017. In 2019, Andrea founded an online group practice, Therapy Connection, that has since served over 500 clients. She is dedicated to helping others grow into their most authentic self and in 2021 founded Achieve With Andrea, a business dedicated to therapists and female entrepreneurs wanting to grow and expand in the work they are doing. Andrea has worked with a variety of populations and individuals including children, substance abuse clients, relationship counseling, and adults navigating the stress of anxiety and depression in an ever-evolving world.

Prior to her own companies, Andrea had the opportunity to work in a non-profit where a crucial role of hers was overseeing the Human Resources and Community Relations departments, allowing her the opportunity to blend her clinical expertise with corporate emotional health. As a female entrepreneur herself, Andrea strongly believes that any female can achieve what they want, if given the support they deserve! As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Andrea has created several programs to fit the needs of each individual including customized packages for corporate wellness.

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