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Andrea Brognano is on a mission to help entrepreneurs live authentically and feel empowered to achieve everything they want to. She shares her expertise with others and has been quoted in several publications and interviewed on numerous podcasts. Read through her featured articles and listen to her podcast interviews to learn more about Andrea's work and how she helps others achieve their dreams.

Featured Articles

Learn more about Andrea and how she approaches tough situations that can wreak havoc on our mental health by reading through the articles that feature her wisdom and expertise.

Read more of Andrea's recent articles on Choosing Therapy.

Toxic Forgiveness: Therapists explain how the practice affects your mental health and how to truly forgive someone. Read Story >

When Someone is Mad at You: What to do when someone is mad at you - helpful tips from experts. Read Story >

Signs of a Toxic Daughter-In-Law​​: 30+ signs to spot a toxic daughter-in-law and how to deal with her. Read Story >

7 New Ways to Meditate: Methods you've never heard of like moon gazing and soundbaths. Read Story >

Signs Your Partner Is Lying To You: How to uncover the truth about their honesty by watching out for these 5 signs. Read Story >

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Listen in as Andrea shares her expertise on everything from having a kick-ass social media strategy in your group therapy practice to how to create a practice on your own terms.

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