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Achieve with Alignment

Tune into yourself to align with your needs and achieve your goals.

Wellness Workshops & Retreats

Designed for Those Looking to Align with Themselves & Others

We all have goals we want to achieve but when you take the time to align with yourself, you give yourself power to reach your goals. The Achieve with Alignment workshops and wellness retreats are aimed at helping you tune into yourself to discover your needs while finding ways to heal. You'll develop better strategies for managing stress and feeling overwhelmed and learn how to spot the signs of stress or burnout so you can avoid it in the future. 

Whether you're a business looking to build a fully customizable wellness workshop or retreat for their employees; or you're looking for ways to connect with yourself to achieve everything you've always wanted, there's a wellness program for you! Achieve with Alignment wellness workshops and retreats work best for those listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are retreats?

Sometimes retreats are one day long but retreat timing can vary to half-day and weekend-long retreats. 

How do I build out a Wellness Workshop for my company?

Achieve with Alignment wellness workshops are a great choice for any company. Reach out to Andrea directly to get started.

How much do the workshops and retreats cost?

Pricing varies and the cost is posted when a retreat is held. For businesses that want to host a retreat or wellness workshop should reach out directly to Andrea for customizable pricing.

Get Started

For more information on upcoming wellness workshops or to create a retreat, reach out to Andrea directly!

Mental Health First Aid

Here at Achieve With Andrea, we care deeply about the wellbeing of our community members. That's why I'm proud to offer Mental Health First Aid training. Mental Health First Aid teaches people how to recognize signs that someone may be dealing with a mental health concern or crisis. Trainees learn valuable skills to offer initial support until the person receives professional care or the crisis resolves.


In our complex world, mental health challenges touch nearly everyone's lives at some point. Yet stigma and lack of understanding still surround these issues. Taking a Mental Health First Aid course helps tackle this stigma through education and compassion. Research shows that the program increases understanding, reduces negative attitudes, and boosts supportive actions.


I believe that we all have a role to play in caring for each other's mental wellness. Mental Health First Aid prepares people to extend empathy and assistance to those struggling with mental health concerns. Join me in this caring and impactful training - together, we can build a community where everyone feels accepted and supported. Reach out today to learn more or register for an upcoming class.

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