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It’s here!! Let's get SOCIAL!

The social media course for therapists packed with information for the basics of social media (because the algorithm is ever changing but these things won't!). Grab it today! Only $77!

Oh: and there is a little bonus in there of how I set my Trello board up to market as well as a discount for my membership!

Come get social with me!

Looking to grow beyond the 1:1? We got you covered for an additional income stream!

Becoming a CE provider allows you the opportunity

  • To share your expertise and be recognized for your work and build authority

  •  Provide a new income stream outside of the 1:1 therapy work

  • Provide flexibility and control of more passive income once you have created a course in a video library

Ever thought about becoming a continuing education provider but the application is ROUGH? We heard you!

Gabrielle Juliano-Villani and I went through the process ourselves and now want to help you do it too!

And we made a course for you to make it easier!

This course will teach you

    🌟Tips for completing ASWB ACE Application
    🌟Tips for completing NBCC ACEP Application
    🌟Workbook with examples for both
    🌟Ideas for course creation
    🌟Language used for application and promotion materials
    🌟Tips for collaborating with others to get your courses out there!

ANDDDDD we include a workbook for the documents you will need to apply!

We cannot wait to take some CE courses from YOU!

Achieve with Authority2.jpg

Relax with our selection of resources

In today's hectic world, taking time for self-care and cultivating inner peace is so important. That's why I've curated a selection of books, journals, coloring books, and other resources to help you relax, refocus, and reconnect with your best self.

My Amazon shop features products carefully chosen to enable mindfulness, encourage gratitude and positive thinking, inspire creativity, and provide an outlet for stress-relief through artistic expression. Whether you enjoy journaling, adult coloring, meditation, or simply reading as a form of self-care - you'll find something that speaks to your soul.

Come browse the thoughtfully chosen books, journals, and coloring books in my Amazon collection. Each item has been hand-picked with wellness in mind, to aid you on your journey toward living consciously and finding balance. Here's to more meaning, more purpose, and brighter days ahead!

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